Our Principles

Inclusion: We welcome any person wanting to share their talents. There are many ways in which Artists and other community members can get involved and be engaged. We value all forms of participation. We are Emerging Artists from equality seeking groups and invite others to join.

Participation:  Dreamers and doers work together to promote change. Change, in the individual or in society, occurs only through personal commitment. Everyone is invited to promote Arts for Social Change, to support Emerging Artists, to use Arts for Activisms and to collaborate for the promotion of Arts and Literature in Canada and in other countries around the world. Everyone is invited to play.

Self-expressionIt arises from the unique gifts of the individual, her/his talents. We believe that Arts allow us to self-express and to promote our ideas, interest, views and explore our creativity. We believe that allowing our artistic spirits to express is a way to achieve well-being and common good.

Communal Effort:  We value creative cooperation and collaboration. We promote and protect artists’ social networks, community spaces for the creation of arts and the integration of Art, Social Justice and Community Development.

Civil and Social Responsibility:  value our society and recognize our individual responsibility in contributing to the improvement of our communities. Artists as part of the community are encouraged to ally with other community members to achieve collective goals and to work towards a more just and inclusive society.

Through ARTS we build and inspire the communities we envision.