Creative Writing Workshops

We foster a safe gathering space for a series of workshops where we allow ourselves to express our innermost feelings and let them flow. The aim of these workshops is to create spaces for conversation but, above all, spaces for using writing as a tool for creative exercise that is simultaneously therapeutic, healing, and liberating in its aim.

  • The Stories we Share

Refugee and/or newcomer women (persons who self-identify as women) share their stories of migration to Canada through poetry in individual and collective writing exercises. Their work is then compiled into The Stories We Share, an annual zine which publishes their work and shares it with the community.
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  • Let’s Break The Secret

In a safe and private space, we meet with women who have experienced gender-based violence and experience a collective hug through the written word. Fostering a safe space to share our experiences with each other, we embark on a healing journey of collective support through various creative writing exercises.

  • The Power of Words: 

Using creative writing as a catalyst, we promote positive social change and explore our identities and various forms of self-expression. This program is designed for youth in our communities, a demographic that brings us so much hope.

This project was created by Paola Gomez/MUSE Arts.