As the global COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly transformed how art is experienced for the foreseeable future,  HAPPENING Multicultural Festival is currently being adapted to reflect the challenges of this reality.  
For information about best practices for yourself and those around you, please visit toronto.ca/coronavirus and canada.ca/public-health.
Happening Multicultural Festival  went online as   Happening Multicultural  LIVE and will engage immigrant, newcomer and refugee artists  through live-streamed workshops and performances.  
Happening Multicultural LIVE List of Events
Muse Arts  continues working with partners and artists,  building the communities we envision  and creating space to promote inclusion, celebrating  the work of immigrant , refugee and newcomer artists.  
We know this is a difficult time, but we also know that we are going to come through this together.  
We invite you to participate and to invite your communities in activities of Community Building.  We know that The Arts are essential for the well-being of our communities.   

Dove of Peace Project  –  Online & Mail-Art  

We are re-imagen ways in which we  remain connected. We brought our #DoveofPeaceProject to its online and Mail-Art version.


Online:  Create a drawing of a #Dove and represent  your idea of #peace and #community.  Take a photo of it and post it on our Facebook or IG Community Pages.   You can also e-mail it to us.
Mail-Art: Connect with us through social media. Leave us your mailing address.
  • 🕊 We will mail to your address a canvas dove.
  • 🕊 Intervene the canvas with your interpretation of #peace and #community.  (Check poster below)
  • 🕊 Take pictures of your process.
  • 🕊 Place your canvas in the self-addressed envelope we sent you.
  • 🕊 Mail envelope to us and send us pictures of your creative process.
 We are grateful with the 63 artists involved at this online version of HAPPENING and the organizations supporting our work.

Happening Multicultural LIVE  Partners: 

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 Happening Multicultural is funded by  





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Working with community partners, we create spaces for Emerging Artists from equity seeking groups to showcase their work, to access opportunities for professional development and to engage communities meaningfully and actively in hands-on, high quality arts education integrated to issues of Social Justice.


 Our aim is to establish a space to support artistic production and education in the Arts in order to:

  • Increase support, access and visibility to emerging artists from equity seeking groups living in Canada as well as international artists.
  • Increase the visibility of newcomer and refugee artists in the artistic scene in Canada.
  • Foster and build a connection among artists and other community partners to promote art work and art education that engages communities in issues of Social Justice and Community Development.
  • Collaborate with national and international institutions and artists-run centres and organizations in order to improve access and visibility for emerging artist and to promote the integration of Arts and Social Justice.
  • Engage artists in local, national and international opportunities that promote professional development in their individual practices and in community engaged arts.

Through ARTS we build and inspire the communities we envision.draw