Youth Photography Project

READY MADE-02READY MADE Refugee and Newcomer Youth Photography Project involves over 15 youth in conversations of identity and belonging , using photography as a tool of self-expression. Youth ages 15-19 engaged in five week of learning and experimentation, where community building and solidarity are constant elements supporting group dynamics and the collective learning of photography concepts.


Youth received photography classes using digital cameras; they are invited to explore photography as an Art form and way of self-expression and applied their skill and “perspective” into the process of taking pictures. 

Our Gratitude to City of Toronto staff supporting families in Temporary Reception Centres . We are also grateful to our friends form St. Stephen’s Community House for all the support managing our project  #READYMADE

This project was funded by City of Toronto .through the Identify ‘N Impact Grant Program.  

Our gratitude with all the amazing team involved in this year’s READY MADE: Identity in a Multicultural City.  From our Project Coordinator , the mentors, companions and participants , READY MADE Youth Photography Project was a total success and YOU all made it possible.




READY MADE: A Visual Conversation about IDENTITY in a Multicultural Society, is a youth photography project where youth ages 15-19  from the Latin american communities and other equity seeking groups. Youth are engaged through photography. This workshop will encourage participants to use photography as  a way of self-expression and allow the opportunity to explore societal power imbalances in relations to identity.

Youth receive an intense 10-hour hands- on photography class using digital cameras; they are invited to explore photography as an Art form and way of self-expression.

Youth participate in a four-hour field trip which is intended for them to integrate the elements of power imbalances and identify in their photographic compositions.   This project was funded by Youth Initiative of CCR (Canada Council for Refugees) 



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Youth working on the POWER WHEEL , an opportunity to analyze the different aspects of our identity and their interceptions.


Youth learning basics of photography. Youth use digital cameras (Nikon 3100, Nikon 3200, Nikon 7000, Nikon 700 and Nikon 800)