Sharing the experience

We are invited to share our experiences and work with different groups: Community Centres, Arts Organizations, Schools,  Universities. We promote spaces where people feel safe and are willing to take responsibility in making our communities safe spaces for all.  We explain how we can do that by using Arts as a transformative tool.

at Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal    (November 2016)

Community Organizations, Clinicians and Scholars gathered to reflect on government and civil society responses to the 25K+ arriving to Canada , last year. We are clear: We don’t do Art Therapy. We create spaces where kids feel safe, find consistency and where they can self-express. We invite our participants to pamper their inner muse , we celebrate togetherness and our differences .

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Ending Violence Against Women

We are determined to be a platform that speaks about the Violence perpetrated against women. We collaborate with Arts and non-Arts Organizations and creating education tools and spaces to continue the conversation and demanding action to eradicate Violence Against Women


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