The Art of Activism

We are engaged in promoting Social Justice and achieving equality and inclusion for all members of our society. We use art as a way to explore and to engage communities in these conversations.

Community Engagement 

We facilitate artistic actions where community members explore elements of identity, solidarity, collaboration and inclusion.

Aluna Theatre. Closing Activity Caminos Festival.  
Toronto Ontario. October 2017

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Rexdale Community Hub. My City My Six. 
Fraternidad Hispana. Community Building Activity. 
Hamilton Ontario. October 2015


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Public Education 

We do presentations at community events, university courses, symposiums. We share our experiences in developing and delivering Community Art Programs in communities facing multiple barriers and communities of new immigrants.

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Colours of Peace 

We have developed different programs using the Arts as a vehicle that engages communities and respects people’s opinions while holding mindful conversations about peace.



On October 2nd , three Colombian artists; Julian Carvajal, Alex Usquiano and Paola Gomez  did an installation outside of the Colombian Consulate in Toronto and said: “We are here to express our respect for you and your opinion. We believe each of us is entitled to our opinion and our vote as Colombian citizens. We also believe that nobody has the right to abuse you or violent you because of your vote and/or  for expressing your vote intention. It is clear that all Colombians coming to vote , are doing it because they want to express their love for Colombia. We want to invite you to write on this canvas [using paint or oil pastels].

After eight hours; talking , hugging, laughing and singing with hundreds of Colombians voting (YES or NO) during the Country’s plebiscite, this was the result:


Community Arts in Latin America and The Caribbean 

Sick Muse Art Projects shares artistic experiences with rural communities; we create spaces for skill development and exchange between local artists (In Latin America and The Caribbean) and artists living in Canada. We bring Community Arts to rural areas and underserved communities  with the belief that a creative human being is capable of dealing and coping with adversity. Art is a powerful tool that can transform the world in magical, unexpected and positive ways.

Sick Muse  Art Projects in Cuba

Sick Muse Art Projects  in Colombia