Artist’s Professional Development & Wellness

At MUSE ARTS We believe that each member of the community has the right to access information which allows them to reach their full potential , this is true for artists as well. We are committed to promote professional development activities that go from how to write a grant application , financial literacy and training on anti-opression and social justice frameworks.

Please explore the different Profesional Development opportunities we will have during HAPPENING Multicultural Festival.

MUSE ARTS   partners  with arts and non-arts organizations to deliver workshops for artists and arts facilitators wanting to engage in practices that acknowledge and respect peoples individualities and identities.  We engage artists in conversations that explore individual and systematic power . We believe that as artists supporting and working in communities we hold a social and civic responsibility  to create safe spaces where all people have access to opportunities and to reach their potentials.


#January12 Artists and Volunteers working with Muse Arts : Cultural Competence & MUSE Arts Protocols
#January19 Anti-Oppressive Frameworks for Writers and Illustrators (REGISTRATION CLOSED)
#Jan27 Artists Mental Health & Wellness : Community , Arts & Burnout

Gender-Neutral Terms to Address a Group. Pay attention! Notice that GUYS is not there. “Hey Guys!” is not gender-neutral. Posted @withregram • @sylviaduckworth Recently a poster that @sara_levine created for her grade 4 students went viral after she posted it on Facebook.



Artists & Mental Health 

#Jan27 Artists Mental Health & Wellness : Community , Arts & Burnout

We look forward to working with you. Here some pictures from past trainings and conversations:

Cultural Competence Training 

Cultural Safety Workshop at North York Arts November 2017

DSC_1228        DSC_1225


Financial Literacy Training 

Financial Literacy for Newcomer Artists November/2016

alx_0705                          alx_0716


We believe in education …  

Grant Writing Workshop Oct-2016


Grant Writing Workshop Toronto Arts Council (At Mexican Cultural House)



Grant Writing Workshop Toronto Arts Council (At Romero House)
Exploring opportunities for Latin@ Artists in Toronto Sick Muse Art Projects (At Romero House)

Through ARTS we build and inspire the communities we envision.