Our World of a Thousand Colours



A (12) twelve-week art-workshop for children. During this time we guide participants (age 4-11) to explore various art forms: painting, sculpture, print making and photography.

Participants play with different materials while having conversations about DIVERSITY ,  INCLUSION,  and   COMMUNITY   We work with professional artists, emerging artists, youth completing their community hours and other community members in delivering a curriculum that is respectful of each participant individualities and talents; we encourage the integration of all our talents for the creation of Collective Art pieces.



We bring our ART workshops to shelters and transitional houses in Toronto 

Our World Of A Thousand Colours  program has been present at different schools and community centres in the City. We believe we can promote inclusion and celebrate the unique gives of each member of society and we believe in the power of arts to initiate these conversations.

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Our Would Of A Thousand Colours  was at the Toronto Plaza Hotel. We welcomed Syrian Refugees to their new and safe homes.

We continue  bringing programs to shelters and Refugee Reception Centres in the City of Toronto.  

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