TORONTO, ONTARIO – April 29, 2019:  MUSE ARTS seeks to engage local residents, communities and organizations with immigrant, newcomer and refugee artists to promote love for the arts, inclusion, solidarity and community-building.


HAPPENING Multicultural Festival  — May 29th to June 1st, 2019

HAPPENING Multicultural Festival is a four-day multidisciplinary festival that will engage more than 100 artists/performers who have self-identified as people of diverse communities, immigrants, newcomers and refugees. The festival features traditional and contemporary music, dance, visual arts, story-telling, poetry, crafts and food. HAPPENING will take place at  918 Bathurst Centre for Culture Arts Media & Education  in Toronto.

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 At Muse Arts, we believe in the importance of fostering and building connections between artists, communities and organizations. Through HAPPENING Multicultural Festival  we give the spotlight to immigrant, newcomer and refugee artists to showcase their talents and skills.

HAPPENING is a multicultural celebration, a Festival created to promote inclusion, where the work of diverse, immigrant, newcomer and refugee communities takes centre stage and their contribution to the cultural and artistic fabric of Toronto is embraced and recognized.

HAPPENING Multicultural Festival is the result of collaboration, unity and generosity.

Tickets to the performances and different activities are now available at HAPPENING/ Eventbrite   or  email: community@musearts.ca

Note to media: for additional comments,  tickets, photos and interviews with performers or Festival Director Paola Gomez, please contact: communications@musearts.ca

Anjali  Patel

Anjali  Patel born in India and a Toronto based artist creating abstract art, abstract landscape art with acrylic on canvas. She enjoys playing with colours and expressing emotions and textures.

David  Chinyama

David Chinyama is an award-winning Zimbabwean born, multi-disciplinary Artist based in Toronto, whose work is inspired by form, movement and color. His work explores subject matters often centred upon aspects of identity, political, socio-economic and religious connotations. As story teller, his love for the arts dates back from his childhood days in Zimbabwe, the period in which he discovered his artistic interest to create.



Clic-Clac Flamenco: Toronto based ensemble, Clic-Clac, is comprised of Angela Deiseach (dance), Shirley ‘la Pili’ Pincay (vocals), Amilia Cervantes (violin), and Juan D Toledo (guitar). This performance group is rooted in traditional flamenco music and dance, but also incorporates influences from varying genres and styles. Their work celebrates expression and storytelling through song and dance propelled by their collective knowledge and experience of the multifaceted flamenco genre and beyond. Formed earlier this year, Clic-Clac made their debut as part of the Tablao Flamenco Toronto showcase at Supermarket. The group has since been featured in the Dance Matters Into the Fire Series at Toronto’s Pia Bouman School.

Ayesha Chatterjee

Ayesha Chatterjee Born and raised in Kolkata, Ayesha Chatterjee has lived in England, the USA and Germany, and currently resides in Toronto. Her work gained notice when one of her poems was shortlisted in the Guardian Unlimited Poetry Workshop in October 2004. Her poetry has appeared in nthposition, Autumn Sky Poetry and BluSlate. In 2010, she read at the Poetry with Prakriti Festival in Chennai, India. Her first poetry collection, The Clarity of Distance, is a meditation on the complexity of existence and the search for moments of truth within it.


Mshiimkenh Ense Kwe (Angela Boyer) from the Mississauga First Nation #8 of the Mississauga Nation, member of the Wolf Clan. Proud mother of two beautiful little spirits- Bubbling Spring Water (Idalia) and Rose Dawn(Rosa), both carriers of the jingle dress. She also calls herself an artist of life. In Unity, Msiimkenh Ense Kwe – Turtle Shell Woman

Isaac Murdoch

Bomgiizhik (Revolving Sky) and am from Serpent River First Nation. I am fish clan and live in a small Ansihinabek Village called Nimkii Aazhibikoong. Having spent many years active in securing indigenous rights for our future generations in the north, I felt a strong need to help our relatives in the south achieve the same equality and human rights that we are striving for. We are connected and have strong ties.

Children’s Choral Group

Children’s Choral Group – 15 children sing traditional Korean children’s  songs. They are part of a congregation founded by a famous Korean song writer who wrote the first children’s Korean folk songs.

Sumedha Dance Group

Sumedha Dance Group Young women and girls from St James Town, making their neighbourhood vibrant with our dance moves. As a group, they have performed at different community events in Toronto. In their work, they explore Bollywood dance while bringing together their community and exploring their own potential. This project gives participants an opportunity to engage socially and interact within the community.


Moskitto Bar was founded in Toronto in 2016, by Tangi Ropars, Ahmed Moneka, and Yura Rafaliuk. The three were soon joined by Fethi Nadjem on Violin. Moskitto Bar evolves and changes as it explores music from around the world. Every show is magical. A musical journey from Brittany to Bagdad, with a few stops in the Balkans and the Ukraine. A music you never heard before and could only have been created in the incredibly diverse city of Toronto. Moskitto Bar brings a global message of love, hope and compassion and shares its message enthusiastically with audiences.

Santerias Band

Santerias Band is a Latin band from Toronto, that have a firm belief in their music as a creative and empowering outlet, that engages in social commentary and personal reflection of our experiences and challenges. Despite the difficulties encountered in choosing an artistic pursuit, this group feels it is important to help our communities that sometimes requires our participation as a group, whether performing for humanitarian causes that we believe in, for example: earthquake fund raisers, human rights, cancer research, aids, violence against women, child abuse, gender equality, etc., or doing music workshops to teach upcoming musicians find a voice and direction in this medium and to be a positive influence in our society.






in 2016 we had our first large gathering. We called artists and communities to come together to support The Mexican Cultural House as its building suffered the impact of a fire. Our call was quickly answered and we were able to support our fellow artists in times of need.

In 2017  Happening : A Multicultural Evening in Support of Community Arts.  , we gathered again. this time to support our programs . The idea of HAPPENING Multicultural started with the need of having resources to do our work in Latin America and The Caribbean. Once again, our communities and the artists, particularly immigrant, newcomer and refugee artists responded to our call in numbers we were not expecting. We realized one night was short for the amount of talent deserving to be presented a this new space.


We decided to do it again! and  we noticed how  much we have grown, and the need to take this opportunity to share space and the platform with many other amazing works HAPPENING in the City.  We are a Multicultural space that celebrates Diversity and is very intentional about Inclusion.


We did it again! HAPPENING 2018 was a total success. We have more wonderful artists , many of whom were refugees and newcomers to Canada. We are very proud of opening space for the talents that are arriving , to engage them with the talents that are here or have been here longer  and to showcase the amazing work that is HAPPENING in our communities.

We then decided to go for a 4-day Festival!. 

We are aware of our responsibility in promoting reconciliation , acknowledging that the land we live on , is the traditional territory of many indigenous communities  living here since immemorial times.

We are grateful for all the support you all give us every single day. You all make us realize what Radical Generosity truly is , and how we all can live and coexist in a space and be the best of and to each other.  Our gratitude to vendors and sponsors for your unconditional support.

HAPPENING Multicultural Festival is the result of Collaboration, Unity and Generosity.



Check Previous Years’ photos. 

We are having fun, we hope you can join us soon.


Happening 2018


Julian Marz HAPPENING 2018


#Happening 2018


Happening 2018


Gallery at HAPPENING 2018. OUR WORLD OF A THOUSAND COLOURS. We presented the work of participants.





Aztec Dance


Carlos Delgado -Live Painting #Happening2017