Creative Writing Workshops

The Stories We Share:  is a series of Creative Writing workshops for Refugee and/or Newcomer women (persons who self-identify as women). Women from different backgrounds participate in creative writing,  collectively create poetry and share through creative writing, their stories of migration to Canada. In a safe space, women work together to produce individual and collective work. Their work is part of an annual Zine name THE STORIES WE SHARE. The project focuses on Refugee and Newcomer women who have interest in creative writing and who want to be part of a group of women working toward the creation of a Zine to share experiences of migration to Ontario , Canada.

Current Program goes from September 2020 to May 2021 

Join forces to make sure our communities are safe during these unprecedented times. The Stories We Share program runs completely online via Zoom. We are aiming to produce our Zine in Spring 2021.


Our last workshop before our end of the year break was amazing. We create self-portraits while connecting our experiences of resilience and resistance. #thestoriesweshare #FacesofMemory workshop was introduced to
Muse Arts by Taller Creativo Lateralus during our #InternationalHumanRightsDay2020 . We are grateful with our friends in #Colombia for sharing their talents . We are happy to being able to replicate the workshop in #Toronto#Canada with #refugee#newcomer and #immigrant#women

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The Stories We Share: Stories of  Goodbyes, Journeys , Arrivals and  New Homes

Zine and Website: A printed and on-line publication displaying the stories of women who participated in the project and images supporting,presenting and representing those stories and/or the stories of visual artists whose experience connects, relates to those of immigrant/refugee women to Canada.  Zine and Website will display photos of participants and countries where they are arriving from.

This project is funded by  Toronto Arts Council through the Newcomer and Refugee Engagement Program


We have received the financial support of Ontario Arts Council for similar projects.


More Creative Writing workshops: 

Let’s Break The Secret:  is a series of creative writing workshops for women who have experienced interpersonal violence (Gender based violence) and/or survivors of sexual violence. In a safe space, survivors find ways to talk and write about their personal experiences. We promote the respect to each individual’s experience, their privacy and their right to their own story.

Creative Writing Workshop with Women of Latin American backgrounds.

The Power of Words:  Creative Writing exercises with youth, exploring identity and the use of language to promote positive change in society.

Collective Poetry with Youth participating in Casa Pueblito Leadership Summer Camp.

If you are interested in participating in this Community Arts Project , please contact:  for more information.