Building Communities through Arts & Creativity


We invite you to join us for our Community Arts Residence 2019  in Quimbaya Quindio Colombia. This Residence is a timely opportunity to bring artists interested in working and engaging communities, together to learn from local artists, communities and from each other. We have chosen the theme “Building Communities Through Arts and Creativity” in response to the increasing social and political  challenges across the planet. How can we best prepare arts programming that serves the specific communities we work with? , How can we properly create a collective and inclusive voice? What do we need to learn from communities dealing with socio-economical challenges? How do we keep ourselves well and balanced as we serve vulnerable communities? How do we apply what we learn in our own communities?

This Community Arts Residence will be an opportunity to expand a network of artists committed to social justice and social change, artists willing to share their talents and skills to the building of strong communities.

Over ten days we’ll imagine new possibilities for ourselves and our communities, enrich our facilitation skills and develop new and lasting collaborations. We’ll work with local artists and communities  in the creation and delivery of workshops. We will explore how we can unlock our shared creativity to contribute to community building and social change.  You can expect this ten-day residence to be creative, playful, renewing, challenging, and unique


There will be a diverse and packed program of plenary sessions, participatory arts-based workshops, community arts program creation and delivery , artists skill exchange, social activities, and creative community building throughout.

We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Ways to deepen the impact of our community arts programs
  • How to address social justice and equity
  • Understanding and healing trauma
  • Working with refugees and displaced  populations
  •  Reconciliation and Peace (Colombia’s Journey)
  • And more!

We are running this year’s Residency in collaboration with our local partners Casa de Cultura Quimbaya and  Fundacion Carteros de la Noche.

The Setting 

Quimbaya , Quindio is located at one of the most beautiful landscapes of Latin America : Colombian coffee Region,  also known as the Coffee Triangle (Spanish: Triángulo del Café) a rural area of Colombia. It is famous for growing and producing majority of Colombian coffee.


Quimbaya is a small town in the Department of Quindio, the smallest Province of Colombia.  10 artists traveling from Canada will stay at a rural house, just 7 minutes away from Quimbaya. All instructional gatherings will happen at the Artists’ Residence.  Artists skill exchange , as well as artists talks, performances and workshops will happen at urban and rural communities of Quimbaya.


Quindio a *Department  of 12 municipalities, is located at the Coffee Cultural Landscape  a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia/ UNESCO) . Artists will have the opportunity to visit most of the town of this Province. We hope this site will be inspiring and remind us of the profound power and resilience of our planet, and the responsibilities and possibilities of our species.                                                * A Department is equivalent to a Province in Canada. 

Our Local Partner 


Fundacion Carteros de la Noche (Carteros de la Noche Foundation) is Community Arts and Cultural Centre located in Quimbaya Quindio Colombia. Carteros de la Noche delivers arts and cultural programs in the most vulnerable areas of the City of Quimbaya. Born in the 90’s, this was an initiative of young poets and story tellers who would anonymously delivery poems in form of letters to the town residents, causing curiosity among their receivers, hence, the name “Mailmen of the Night” (Carteros de La Noche).

What started as an artistic action, short after became an association of friends with different artistic interests, hopping to work together to delivery the artistic ideas.  As the years passed, Carteros de la Noche, established strong collaborations with other art and non-arts organizations in the region and in the country. They became very knowledgeable in accessing resources from the Colombian Ministry of Cultural to support most of their community based programming. From projects such as radio art, music, puppet creation to literary creation, rock school and building Colombia’s social fabric, peace and reconciliation, Carteros de la Noche became the go to centre in Quimbaya Quindio.

Their growth is the result of many years of discipline and hard work. In 2013 they opened a permanent centre for the arts, where in addition to gallery space, they also have auditorium and run multiple community arts programs.

Projects such as Tumbaga: The gathering of the Quimbaya Memory (Quimbaya is the name of an indigenous tribe) this festival explores our indigenous and afro origins. It promotes decolonization and celebrates diversity. Conjuro a literary and arts magazine that promotes the work of young and emerging artists, Carteros de la Noche has created permanent and self-sustainable programming that contributes to the creation and strengthen of their community.

To read more about this fantastic organization , click   Carteros de la Noche (Article in Spanish)

The Cost 

We are committed to make our initiatives affordable to participants and make every effort to reduce cost and break barriers that prevent artists from accessing this opportunities.

This arts residence is valued in CAN$4000 per participant. In this occasion and for the purpose of this Community Arts Residence, each artist is expected to pay only  CAN $2500  , which will cover the cost of transportation from Canada to Colombia and to the Region where the residence takes place and a porcentaje of the cost of accommodation. Muse Arts  will cover additional costs by seeking private and public funding.

*Artists are expected to pay for their own medical insurance.

Please note that this price is only for artists traveling from Toronto Ontario during the specific residence.  Artists exploring to attend individual or group residences at this location need to connect with us as cost would change. 

We work hard to make our Arts Residencies accessible and affordable to interested and qualified artists. We offer subsidies, depending in resources availability.  If you would like to contribute to make this experience possible to emerging artists, please consider supporting us.


Our Sponsors 

We are currently seeking sponsors interested in being socially responsible and wanting to contribute to our initiatives.


Contact , we wil make it happen. 

More info … 

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