Community Arts in Latin America and The Caribbean

Community Arts in Latin America & The Caribbean

Sick Muse Art Projects shares artistic experiences with rural communities; we create spaces for skill development and exchange between local artists (In Latin America and The Caribbean) and artists living in Canada.

We bring Community Arts to rural areas and underserved communities  with the belief that a creative human being is capable of dealing and coping with adversity, finding solutions and creating space for social change.

Art is a powerful tool that can transform the world in magical, unexpected and positive ways.

Events done in collaboration with partner organizations in Colombia, Mexico and Kenia  during 2020

La Equidad de Genero en el Centro de los Derechos Humanos: Conversatorio y Acción Artistica coordinado por la  Fundación Poderosas  de la Ciudad de Medellin Colombia en collaboracion con LasVanders de la Ciudad de Mexico DF Mexico , Experienciarte de Medellin Colombia y MUSE Arts   Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos
Community Arts & Cultural Exchange in Latin America and The Caribbean

Stories of Peace through the Arts  Join artists and arts organizations with experience working in Kenia, Syria, Lebanon and Colombia in a conversation about Peace and Community building , where the arts and communities converge to explore non-violent ways to solve conflict, reconciliation and peace making. This event is live-streamed in Youtube via OBS, Facebook via Zoom . This event is in Spanish , English and LSC (Colombian Sign Language)

Sick Muse  Art Projects in Cuba



Sick Muse Art Projects  in Colombia 


Cultural and Artistic Exchange in Latin America & The Caribbean  

We believe in the power of personal connection and the immense growth that occurs when creative people have the opportunity to exchange experience, knowledge and talents.
Thanks to the support of many dreamers, community members like you, and thanks to the trust of many artists, who donate their time and talent, we have been able to engage in partnerships with organizations in Latin America and The Caribbean, allowing artists to be part of successful artistic exchange.
We create spaces for skill development and exchange between local artists (In Latin America and The Caribbean) and artists living in Canada.

We are determined to be a platform that supports international emerging artists to be able to acquire materials for the creation of new, challenging and engaging art and to exhibit them both in their countries and in Canada.

We believe that artists around the world have stories to tell; many of them are related to issues of Social Justice which may be of interest to many Canadians.

Artists Residence in Colombia  (Coffee Region) 


Quimbaya, Quindio: Colombian coffee Region (Spanish: Eje Cafetero) 

As part  of our cultural exchange program we invite artists to explore, create and share at one of the most beautiful landscapes of Latin America : Colombian coffee Region,  also known as the Coffee Triangle (Spanish: Triángulo del Café) a rural area of Colombia. It is famous for growing and producing majority of Colombian coffee.

Artists coming from all over the world and dedicated to the exploration of different mediums , interested in community building/development, community arts and social change have the opportunity to learn and work with local artists, work in their individual practices, join community arts initiatives and  learn of the coffee production process. Our Artist Residence Program is a time to dream, inspire and get inspired.

If you are interested in our Residency Program, please e-mail :


Colours of Peace Micro-grant Program 


In 2014, we created a micro-grant program to support local artists working in the Coffee Area of Colombia. Eligible projects that  engaged communities in conversations of peace and reconciliation would receive up to CAN$500. To this date, we have given more than 20 micro-grants, contributing to the creation of new  works by artists and the engagement of more than 2000 community members.