Youth Photography Project

We welcome the amazing team involved in this year’s READY MADE: Identity in a Multicultural City.  From our Project Coordinator , the mentors, companions and participants , READY MADE Youth Photography Project involves over 25 youth in conversations of identity… Continue Reading →

Our World of a Thousand Colours

A (12) twelve-week art-workshop for children. During this time we guide participants (age 4-11) to explore various art forms: painting, sculpture, print making and photography. Participants play with different materials while having conversations about DIVERSITY ,  INCLUSION,  and   COMMUNITY   We work with… Continue Reading →

Creative Writing Workshops

The Stories We Share:  is a series of Creative Writing workshops for Refugee and/or Newcomer women (persons who self-identify as women). Women from different backgrounds participate in creative writing,  collectively create poetry and share through creative writing, their stories of… Continue Reading →

Colours of Hope

COLOURS OF HOPE … a series of visual art workshops exploring drawing, painting and photography with kids age 5-10. During the past weeks Artists from Sick Muse Art Projects and community volunteers have worked together at Romero House and Art City… Continue Reading →

Colours of Peace

Colours of Peace is a two-component program: COLOURS OF PEACE is a series of Community Art Actions happening in different cities of Colombia. Artists members of Sick Muse Art Projects join local arts organization and non-arts organizations in leading 1-3 days… Continue Reading →

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