HAPPENING Multicultural LIVE is our response to the realities of these unprecedented times. We recognize the importance of physical distancing in order to overcame the risks of COVID 19. We also know that it is crucial for us as a… Continue Reading →

Community Arts Residence and Cultural Exchange Colombia’s Coffee Zone

Building Communities of Peace through Arts & Creativity Community Arts Residence in Colombia info Alert Are you a change maker Ar you interested in International Cooperation Are you interested in attending our #Community #Arts #Residence in #Colombia in Our upcoming… Continue Reading →

Community Arts in Latin America and The Caribbean

Community Arts in Latin America & The Caribbean Sick Muse Art Projects shares artistic experiences with rural communities; we create spaces for skill development and exchange between local artists (In Latin America and The Caribbean) and artists living in Canada…. Continue Reading →

Community Artist Training: Cultural Competence and Anti- Oppression

Sick Muse Art Projects  partners  with arts and non-arts organizations to deliver workshops for artists and arts facilitators wanting to engage in practices that acknowledge and respect peoples individualities and identities.  We engage artists in conversations that explore individual and… Continue Reading →

The Art of Activism

We are engaged in promoting Social Justice and achieving equality and inclusion for all members of our society. We use art as a way to explore and to engage communities in these conversations. Community Engagement  We facilitate artistic actions where… Continue Reading →

Artist’s Professional Development & Wellness

At MUSE ARTS We believe that each member of the community has the right to access information which allows them to reach their full potential , this is true for artists as well. We are committed to promote professional development… Continue Reading →

The Art of Collaboration

Supporting our Communities Memorial Banners and Art-based engagement activities to commemorate the One Year Anniversary of the Yonge Street Tragedy in Toronto Canada. “Today, as our community remembers and commemorates the one year anniversary of the Yonge Street tragedy …… Continue Reading →

Sick Muse Radio Art ( Program in Spanish)

Sick Muse Radio Art  Online Radio program in Spanish language. It is a texture, landscapes fill with sound. It is poetry, voices and narratives that work as exquisites corpses; it is a type of cerebral cinematography which navigates through the radial… Continue Reading →